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The square meter rate refers to the dollar value attributed to costing all preparation and coating processes on the floor surface. Typically, customers ask what this is and within the industry, there are price ranges that will give an indication of the final quoted price.  However, it’s important to understand that specific factors should be taken into consideration to provide an accurate and transparent pricing method. The following items form the basis of this:


  • Floor condition – new, old, water damaged, surface problems such as glue, black tar/’ Japan black’ paint, old underlay, staples, nails and screws. An uneven floor requires more sanding passes to level the surface and so attracts a more expensive sanding rate. The same applies to removing other imperfections that will use more sanding papers and time to remove and prepare the surface to the proper condition for the application of the final coatings.
  • Types of coatings and staining/custom colour methods. The flooring market consists of various coating products including water-based, hard wax oils, solvent-based polyurethanes and natural oils. All have different qualities in terms of appearance, durability and cost. The process of staining or ‘changing the natural colour ‘of the timber, also affects the cost of the process and generally follows the rule that pre-coloured products are cheaper than hand-applied custom finishes such as lime wash or bleaching. Costs are reflected in the complexity of the application and are usually based on a per-coat scenario.
  • Scheduling – after-hours, weekend or public holiday work attract higher rates due to penalty rates for staff. Customers may need jobs to be split into stages multiple stages due to property layout, size of job, furniture & time logistics so additional charges apply in these situations.


These factors will contribute to quoted prices which range from $10-$60/m2 for sanding and polishing. Adding stain colour to the floors will vary according to the particular process.

  • Tinted coats or sealers $10-$20
  • Directly applied stains $20-$30
  • Lime-wash $25-$35
  • Bleaching $50-$60
  • Tinted oils burnishing $25-$35
  • Solid floor paint $10-$20 (Per coat/application)

Old floor coverings

Many customers are removing old soft coverings such as carpet and Vinal or hard coverings such as solid timber, masonite, ceramic tiles, and hybrid or laminate flooring which is damaged or out of fashion.  The rates in these cases are calculated not only on the physical removal of the material from the property but also on the labour and cost associated with the proper disposal at a waste station based on weight. Note some councils provide a pre-arranged pick-up service.


Carpet removal $10-25

Vynal/Masonite $25-$50

Tiles ceramic $50-$80 (jackhammer removal & may require a skip bin hire)

Floating laminate/hybrid $50-75


Sanding and polishing of stairs

Either open treads or closed treads and riser.

  • Closed stairs – each tread and riser $20-$45

Generally, new stairs require less preparation whereas old staircases that could have carpet, paint, staples, nails or details such as scotia, balustrades or glass panels require more time and material to prepare the surfaces.

  • Open stairs – tread top and underside $20-$45. The access to the underside may require scaffold or alternatively removal of stair treads for sanding and coating then re-installation.
  • The side stringer per lineal meter. The timber panel that holds the treads/risers in place can either be sanded, stained or painted.

Staining price of stairs (as above) per surface or lineal meter.


Other factors that will be discussed with one of our Mister floors staff include:

Furniture: removal of all furniture, artwork and/or the protection of open shelves, kitchens, and wall TV with plastic sheeting or soft sheets.


Our furry, feathered, scaled friends will usually need to be relocated during the job duration. Note when you return it’s important to remember that there will be new smells that they need to become reaccustomed to, so keep an eye on them marking out their new surroundings.

Weather conditions: the extremes of either heat or cold weather can not only affect our team’s ability to perform but also on the products drying times and final surface appearance. Our consultants will discuss the adjustments if a job schedule needs to be changed.

After-hours/holiday periods: many of our customers have their work completed during holiday periods.  Book in early to ensure the work can be completed within your timeframes.

New home purchase: if you have bought a new property, we can arrange either a virtual quote or onsite inspection at the pre-settlement inspection with your agent and book the job to coincide with the settlement date.  Planning your move will involve sequencing the tradies and managing the final move-in date.


During a renovation, the flooring component is one of the most important considerations.  Often customers are removing old kitchens, and bathrooms or re-modelling rooms or adding extensions and consideration of the proper process is required in the planning stage before works begin.


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