To keep your deck looking good and to help it last through many hot summers, it’s important to regularly treat it with decking oil. This prevents the wood from drying out, aging and cracking.

Did you know, at MISTER FLOORS, in addition to indoor timber floor sanding and polishing, we also offer deck sanding and oiling?

We recommend you having your deck inspected every 12 months to evaluate whether it needs to be treated. If it does, we can sand and oil your deck quickly and easily.

Maintenance Tips

If you are looking for ways to prolong the life of your deck between oil coatings, follow these handy instructions:

  • Regularly sweep and clear you deck to remove dirt, dust, leaves and grime;
  • When removing dust, use a wet rag for best results;
  • Place floor mats at the start of the deck to reduce dirt and wear;
  • If your deck gets wet, remove pools of water as quickly as possible;
  • Equip your outdoor furniture with protective pads to reduce scratching.

If you want to get your deck looking fantastic, get in contact with MISTER FLOORS.

Other Services

Our team of professionals are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of timber flooring. The services we offer include:

  • Floor Sanding;
  • Floor Polishing;
  • Floor Repairs;
  • Floor Maintenance; and
  • Floor Cleaning