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If you are looking to lighten your hardwood floors, you may have heard that sanding can do the trick. But is this true? In general, the answer is no—but there are some exceptions. Let’s look at why and when sanding could be used to lighten your wood floors.


Can You Sand Off the Stain Colour?

In short, no. When a stain is applied to wood, it penetrates the actual cells of the wood. This means that while you can sand off the top layer of colour on your hardwood floor, the actual grain beneath will still contain coloured particles from the stain. As such, if you sand off enough of the top layer of colour so that it appears lighter, it will not remain light for long—the grain beneath will start to show through and cause discolouration over time. Therefore, sanding alone cannot be used as a reliable way to lighten your hardwood floors in most cases.


When To Use Sanding

There are some cases where sanding can be helpful in lightening hardwood floors. For example, if you have an area that has been heavily stained or damaged with scratches or dirt marks, then using fine-grit sandpaper may help to remove those blemishes and improve the overall appearance of your floor without damaging it too much in the process. It’s important to note here that this method should only be done in small areas as over-sanding can lead to more damage than good.


Additionally, if you have an older hardwood floor that has become darkened due to wear and tear over time (e.g., exposure to sunlight or heavy traffic), lightly sanding these areas may help restore their original colour and give them a much brighter look overall. However, keep in mind that this should only be done in small sections at a time and with very fine-grit paper as otherwise, you risk damaging your floor beyond repair.


Sanding wooden floors can be a great way to restore their original colour and brightness—but only if done correctly and cautiously! While it may not always work for lightening up coloured stains on hardwood floors (as these penetrate deep into the grain), it can be effective for removing minor blemishes or restoring older wooden floors back to their former glory when done properly. Before attempting any DIY project on your wooden floors, consult Mister Floors first so they can guide you on what works best for your situation!