Pricing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood or timber floors exude an allure that every person naturally gravitates towards. A glance at this elegant flooring set up, and you become enveloped with warmth and luxury. Despite its charming visual appeal, maintaining it is a tedious task to finish. 

For this reason, homeowners choose to have floor sanding done professionally. If you’re a new homeowner looking to have your flooring retouched or maintained, you may have some questions regarding the costs of floor sanding and whether you should call in the experts for the task or not. 

Floor Sanding Costs Considerations

Sanding wooden floors not only dramatically uplift a room’s appearance. It guarantees durability and longevity as well.

Professionals floor sanding prices are based on these factors:

  • Prep work required
  • Condition of wood flooring
  • Type of wood/timber that needs to be sanded
  • Overall size of the floor to sand
  • Kind of coating/sealer for the finishing

Keep in mind that the more prep work, the larger area, and the worse condition your flooring is in means higher floor sanding costs. 

If your wood or timber floor is in poor condition or nails are protruding, professionals may require deck sanding to be added. 

Floor Sanding: A DIY Approach or Professionals’ Undertaking?

With DIY guides circulating online, it might be tempting to sand your floors by yourself. However, it is crucial to understand that varying floor conditions require expert skills and assessment to make floor sanding a success. 

Here’s why you need to let the experts handle floor sanding for you. 

  • Higher level of craftsmanship and quality – Floor sanding is a complex task requiring a high level of skills and years of experience. Professionals work with different floor conditions and are trained to treat varying floor sanding jobs with precision and accuracy. 
  • Lower risk of damage – Your hardwood flooring deserves professionals who treat it with optimal care. When you attempt to sand it without prior experience, proper equipment, or the required skill set, your floors can get damaged – risking its beauty and durability.
  • Saves you time and money – Depending on the floor coverage, floor sanding requires a lot of time to finish. When you let professionals handle the job for you, you’re freeing yourself, and you can focus on other responsibilities instead. Working with professionals also minimizes the risk of spending for damages. 
  • Guarantees longevity and durability – With their working knowledge, proper tools, and prior experience, professionals can help preserve the beauty of your hardwood flooring and help lengthen its serviceable life.

Minimise the risk of damage, save time and preserve the beauty, durability, and quality of your hardwood/timber flooring by calling trusted professionals to do floor sanding for you!

Mister Floors guarantee the best floor sanding, timber restorations, and floor polishing experts for your home. Contact us now for any floor sanding project; we’d be happy to help you!